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25 Caribbean Hotels for under $200. The Manoir de St. Barthelemy stands out if you can't afford the food in town. The Hummingbird Beach Resort in St. Lucia is also worth a look. This site is all over the place, inconsistent, but the information is spot on (much like this site, no?). I don't remember where exactly I came across this site, or even what it offered. I checked out the French Links and they looked were quite valuable.
Accommodating Asia. Another great site for research Asian travel. All the major cities are there and the information is not bad either.
All You never can have too many sites to search for hotels. This site claims to have over 60,000 hotels worldwide. I like the map feature better than the hotels. Another good site for booking hotel travel anywhere in the world. A nice travel guide to Thailand, Malaysia, and Hong Kong. Hotel, packages, even private homes are listed.
Honolulu and Waikiki Hotels. Nobody has a better deal.
Hong Kong Tiglion. Everything Hong Kong.
Mexico Boutique Hotels. A collection of small unique hotels located throughout Mexico.
San Francisco San Francisco and Silicon Valley reservation specialists.
Singapore. Singapore discount hotel reservations
Small Luxury Hotels. Like the name implies, a great guide to all those small, out-of-the-way luxury hotels around the world.
Hotels Stockholm. Hotel reservation service for 50+ Stockholm hotels
Japan Hotel Net. Affordable accommodation in Japan
1st Vancouver Hotels. Directory of hotels in Vancouver BC, Canada
1st Vienna hotels. No nonsense and nothing you wouldn't expect from Germans.
      Travel Agencies  
3 Routes. A clickable map of dive destinations and operators around the world. Comprehensive.
Access Bali Online. Excellent information and discounts on Bali hotels.
Asia Travel. Simply a great site for site specific information and to book hotels almost anywhere in Asia. They claim of offer up to 75% off published hotel rates. You decide. I used them when I went to Singapore.
Asia Transpacific Journeys. Specialist in adventure travel and SCUBA site all over SE Asia. More importantly, their latest catalogue is littered with my photography. I suggest you call them and request their latest catalogue.
Condor Journeys and Adventures. Specialists in Latin America travel, some interesting and unusual trips are featured throughout. Take a look at the Kaieteur Falls, four times as high as Niagara.
Discover Wholesale Travel. Great value vacations for Australia, Cook Islands, Fiji, Mexico, New Zealand, Tahiti, and Hawaii
Dive Discovery. The best dive travel agency in the States? Hyperbole? No, not from me. Well, maybe. If you need ideas on places to go, especially in the Pacific or SE Asia, check this site out.
G.A.P. Adventures. Offering over over 600 trips in 100 countries, the Great Adventure People can take the adventurous about anywhere in the world.
Guestzilla. Yes, Guestzilla. Organized by city, a good place to start for an overview of accomodations available. 30,000 dive holiday available. A wealth of diving information and as comprehensive as it claims.
Island Dreams Tours. OK, maybe the second best dive travel site in the world. Ken Knezick is a diver, photographer, and traveler, and his site is first rate. He specializes most in Caribbean and Pacific travel. The site also hosts some great photography.
Lindblad Expeditions. Not a bad site. These guys have run trips just about anywhere in the world except Asia.
Mad Dog Expeditions. SCUBA diving taken to the next level. These guys frequent those places usually not found in the back pages of Skin Diver. Almost all trips are for technical/advanced divers. Claims to be Asia's leading hotel information and reservation service on the Internet.
Newmans South Pacific Vacations. Their 'specials' page is quite special. Covers Australia, New Zealand, Tahiti, Fiji, and Samoa.
Out Island. Not a bad idea to bring together the finest "small and intimate" resorts, "personal" dive operators and the world's "select" liveaboards. It seems to work. Again, another great site to book hotels and research travel to Asia, Europe, even the States.
Reef and Rainforest Worldwide Adventure Travel. A great site with an incredible amount of information. My favorite, last minute travel deals, is also included. I originally stumbled across this site when I was researching great white shark trips. Check out the shark trip run by Rodney Fox.
Rothschild Safaris. The only thing more lovely than Leora is her purported ability to book great trips in and around South Africa. For some strange reason, visions of the "gummy" Venus di Milo come to mind.
Slickrock Adventures. If you want to run a trip to Belize, these guys can set you up.
Tropical Adventures. Claims to be North Americas largest dive specialist. Hmmm... Anyway, I like their special departures page which is an excellent source of imminent departures for those who don't like to plan too far ahead.
US Dive Travel. Not a bad site, some information quite useful. In the same frame of mind where you shouldn't buy salmon in Texas, you do buy South Pacific travel on the West coast.
Zegrahm Expeditions. These guys specialize in multi-week expeditions to some incredible destinations. Check it out and drool.
      Destinations Focusing on eco-tourism throughout the islands, Alternative-Hawaii claims to take you places only the locals know. It's good. A great all around resource for Thailand. Lots of up-to-date content.
Barcelona. A little bit everything de Espana.
Bintan Resorts. Some the nicest resorts in all Indonesia are just a short boat trip out of Singapore. There's some diving there but you don't go there for the diving.
Iguaçu Falls. Forget Angel Falls, Iguaçu Falls, on the border of Brazil and Argentina, has 275 individual cascades that stretch on for 2.5 miles and plunge 269 feet into the Iguaçu river. It's said you can hear the thunderous noise from miles away. Is this any order to these listings? Anyway, there seems to be a dearth of information about Korea on the web (at least in English). This should help. A bit on flea markets in Seoul. Another site worth a look, (Traveller's A?)
Little Corn Island. Even want to get to a place before it becomes "the place." Nicaragua's Little Corn Island is still un-spoiled by major development and "cruise-ship style" tourism
The Lost World. No, no, no, not that Michael Chricton/Steven Spielberg retread, but the real thing, Bolivia's Parque Nacional Noel Kempff. Visit the Caparú Plateau, which rises 1,800 feet from the rain forest below. See the incredible Arco Iris waterfall spill over the side. Accounts of the place inspired Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's darn good read, The Lost World. You're guaranteed not to run into your neighbors there as barely 400 people visited the place last year.
Nihiwatu Resort, Sumba, Indonesia. 'One of Indonesia's most isolated and extraordinary resorts'
NLT-Iceland. Northern Lights Tours of Iceland has a decent site which offers up info on the land of the midnight sun. Doesn't hurt that Iceland, above the glaciers, hot springs, and active volcanoes, also sports the best water, air, and blondes on earth.
North American River Runners. Considered one the world's top ten whitewater runs in the world, each September the Summersville Dam opens up into West Virginia's Gauley river with spectacular results.
The Northern Sulawesi Information Pages. Given the dearth of decent information out there on Indonesia, this site is not bad. Seems to be updated every once in a while too. Almost everything you need to know. The other stuff, though easy to find, is conspicuously absent. I tried to find the hotel I stayed in when I visited back in March '97. Off the main beach, through a restaurant, and had a little zoo, complete with peacocks.
Punta del Este. If you ever in Uruguay or South America for that matter, Punta del Este, comes highly recommended as the St Tropez of South America. Great accommodation finder not only for Italy, but the UK too.
San Andres Island. The last "undiscovered" Caribbean island. Take my word for it--it's so unknown it hardly even gets even mentioned as a Caribbean island. I was there for eight days on a "get away from the world" trip in November 2000 and loved it. The diving is OK, but the island, white sand, bikinis, and Colombians, are first rate. I also suggest taking a look at move to Columbia, a great site as these things go. Take a look at the San Andres link.

Santorini Hotels and Villas. Santorini Web has attempted to simplify as much as possible the process of choosing a holiday home. Santorini offers all types of accommodation : villas, apartments, studios and hotels. Accommodations, things to do, sights to see, places to eat.
1000 Travel Tips. As these type of sites go, this one isn't back for some background in to travel.
Chicago Metromix. Everything you ever needed to know about the windy city.
GORP. What a great name. The Great Outdoor Recreational Pages are actually quite good for anyone interested in ideas for adventure travel anywhere in the world.
InfoHub. Vacations around the globe. Surprisingly, it's up-to-date and expansive. A ton of vacation ideas all over the world.
the-inncrowd. An excellent Singapore travel guide. Walking tours, food, festivals, pictures and more. Nifty online guide to the "off the beaten track" countries of Europe. Comes highly recommended.
New York City Metroguide. Helpful information and links regarding entertainment, lodging, fine dining, sports, and shopping. A small Australian -based site with some interesting travel ideas you've probably never thought of. Take for instance, Pankor Laut Resort, where Luciano Pavorotti reportedly said he almost cried when he saw the place. I wonder what would make him cry? I bet if Dominos delivered...
Travel Channel. Part of the family, the Travel Channel serves up a nice travel portal, especially if you're hard up for good ideas. Quite a lot of interesting stuff here, like the a section on the world's best UW photo sites and also the best spots to swim with sharks.
Trip Ah, you gotta love content aggregation. Well, at least I do. Trip Advisor has gathered up a ton of links giving you decent reference material on just about any place in the States, The Caribbean, Mexico or Canada. It's worth a look. Not a bad idea, not particularly original and probably lacking critical mass, but still worth a look. Traveldonkey delivers opinions about travel sites around the world, offered up by travelers themselves.
Time Out. A great travel guide to most major cities in the world. It's UK-based so the London information is especially nice.
Turquoise Net. A good information site about Caribbean travel. The message board is quite good also.
TRAVLANG. They call themselves the travel and language supersite. Their adventure travel section is worth a look.
Visit London. The official visitor's website for London. A little bit of everything.
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