Lines and Shadows Want adventure, want to the see the world. Or maybe you just want to guide a canoe. Look here and find out the lasted over 10,000 adventure related listings. Curious what really happened to Payne Stewart? or how about the suicide? mission of Egypt Air 990? Site contains everything you want to know about airline safety, lack of it (crashes), and advice. Well worth a look.
Alta Vista's Babel Fish. Because something always gets lost in the translation. Ever wonder how you go about booking around-the-world airfare. See these guys.
AIRWeb travel. A worldwide comprehensive listing of Airlines, Airports, Rental cars, Hotels, Cruises and Trains all listed alphabetically. Incredibly useful. Gear, reviews, advice, passion. Done well, especially the magazine devoted to photography. Altrec covers almost everything except diving, but you can still get there from here.
AMIGOINGDOWN.COM. Suppose it's a good question to ask, especially if you fly Garuda or EVA. These guys have calculated the risk of dying per airport, airplane and month. And you thought the food would kill you.
@SCUBA Links to the world. More scuba links that you can shake a stick at.
Central Intelligence Agency Publications and Reports. It's world factbook is the reference of choice around the world for country specific information.
Diving Medicine Online. Everything you ever wanted to know.
Eden Press Privacy Catalog. Need another passport? a new identity? Or how about access to international pharmaceuticals?
Fielding's Black Flag Adventure Forum. Say you were in Casablanca during WW2 and needed information about how to get out, or strangely enough, how to get in. Why you would go to Ricks, everybody goes to Ricks. Well today, you would check out the Black Flag. Perhaps the best site in the world with up-to-date information about travel, gun running, and getting in and out of hot spots around the world. The man himself, RYP, even provides pithy color commentary.
Fiona's Shark Mania. And it is a mania. A compendium off all things sharks. Possible everything you ever wanted to know about sharks is contained somewhere on this site. Check out the links page for a list of shark trips and photo galleries, among other things. Best of the Web. What a great time killer. There's even a SCUBA section.
Garage Glamour. Dedicated to glamour models and photographers. If you manage to get past the models, check out the great tips section.
Google. The largest and best search engine on the net. Try the the Google directory searches for Scuba Diving.
Great White Shark Database. Links of links of links...everything you wanted to know about the great misunderstood beast.
International Herald Tribune. I've told myself I won't say "the best" anymore. If you want news from all over the world, check it out.
The International Shark Attack File. Hosted by the Floride Museum of Natural History, the ISAF is *the* place to go for information on shark attacks.
The International Society of Travel Medicine. If you're wondering about the bugs before you go, check out this site.
Internation Travel and Health. The World Health Organization maintains this vaccinations requirements and health advice page, which is quite comprehensive.
Iris Photo. San Francisco-based photo + digital services. Great service, great results. One of the many ubiquitous map sites. Enjoy. It seems obvious, but you gotta know to get from here to there. Need a glass bottom boat, submarine, sea plane, or scuba phone? Of course you do.
news2020. A Singapore-based site that features photojournalism. Great design, very slick presentation, beautiful photography. Links to everything Nikon. Indispensable.
Outdoor Photographer. A great magazine for those who get outdoors with a camera.
Photo Release Form. Standard form for non-aquatic life. Their Heidelberg drum scanner makes all the difference. Incredible results.
Real World Rescue. So you got there and now find yourself unexpectedly detained by some friends you've just met. Hopefully you've left these guy's phone number with someone at home. The intro is worth checking out if for nothing else. The Alerts and Warnings section is actually pretty nice. I really liked the section on Non-Combantant Evacuation Tips. Content aggregation at it's finest. A site brought to by Matt Drudge's dad and it's quite useful.
Resources for Tropical Medicine. The University of Alabama at Birmingham maintains an excellent site with links to Travel Medicine Recommendations, Travel Warnings and Consular Information, and Background Information. The site also links to their Key Clinical Tropical Medicine Sites. If you got the bug, check these guys out.
Scientific Explorers Society. Want to follow in the footsteps of the great explorers? Look no farther. Another nice scuba portal. Follow a link and get lost for a while. A excellent resource for natural history books. If you need a fish books, it's probably here.
Sea Serpents and Lake Monsters. An excellent resource on all strange things real or imagined underwater. Unfortunately, the site insists you download some cursor program--shame.
Seapix. Nice background information on UW photography and good tips and techniques sections.
SeatGuru. The typical American airline seat is growning narrower--around 17.5 inches, while the typical American butt is growing larger.  This site reveals the kind of information that was once known only by airline insiders. Get the secrets of the airline seating charts, stuff like...a UA Boeing 777-200, seats C through G in rows 39 and 40 are narrower than others on the plan due to the curvature of the fuselage in the rear.
"Shopping Bots" anyone? These guys scour the web for the cheapest airline tickets from the airlines and other travel sites.,, and all basically do the same thing with wildly different results. Check 'em out soon because they probably won't last. Need a recreational submarine? Want to show Paul Allen who's really the boss underwater? Or better yet, have a hankering to see a coelacanth hanging out 600 feet down? Nuytco Research's DeepWorker submarines is dubbed the "sports car of submersibles." You should also check out Olympic Submarine Technologies (
Time Zone Converter. Find out what time it is back home before you make that call.
Traveler's Health. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) maintains this site. Always worth a look when traveling off the beaten path. Claims to be the best travelogues on the net. Right. Like this site contains the best UW photography on the net. It's hit or miss.
Underwater Photo Contests. Courtesy of the folks at
Underwater Photography. From Peter Rowlands, a kick ass web-only underwater photography magazine. The first issue is out and it's impressive.
UN Environmental Program Coral Reef Unit. An excellent resource on the health of the world's coral reefs. Includes the new publication, world atlas of coral reefs.
US Copyright Office. Protect your work now. Here's how.
US State Department Travel Warnings. The official story. Chronicles all those places you may not be welcome. Some good background information on country specific problems though usually several months out of date. Whalesharks, whose got whalesharks? These guys do. You gotta know, right? An interesting site the tells you what's going on around the world at festivals, events and locations. A ton of cool stuff here. Check out "100 Things To Do Before You Die"
World Diving Zone. A site of SCUBA diving sites organized in sections. Quite comprehensive.
World's Best Bars. Here's where to go when you're thirsty on the road.
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