Lines and Shadows
Advanced Book Exchange. Coupled with, indispensable. If it's out of print or hard to find, they have it. Said to be the world's largest network of independent book sellers.
Bandwidth Speedtest. Because you never quite know how fast you're going. If it's a black bag job or a security related snafu, they write about it. I'm not paranoid, they're paranoid.
Drudge Report. Slightly over the top, probably ahead of his time, always interesting. Come to think of it, you could say the exact same thing about me. Something strangely alluring and unapproachable about this site. Dig a little. Come to think of it, you could say the exact same thing about me. If you buy DVDs online, you gotta check this out. The best deals, coupons, release dates. Bill Gertz's site. Probably Washington's best investigative reporter. Again, one of those sites that makes the Internet invaluable. I bought so much stuff from this site, my credit card company called and asked if I still had my card. Addictive, like crack.
Heavens-Above. Billions and Billions and Billions of dollars of defense technology finally pays off. Ever wonder what satellites will pass over your head tonight. Well, I don't, but some do. Check out the Iridium satellite flares while they last. Pull back price comparisons from all the different online book sellers. Coupon section too.
The Luskin Report . Well, bit the dust but the Luskin report survives. Don provides insightful commentary on the markets. The end all of the Internet: commentary on commentary ad nauseam. It's pithy and witty.
New Scientist. If it's in the news and science related, these guys probably wrote about it last month. Check out an original source for a change.
The Onion. There is no better satire. of the Web Today. OK, well, maybe I do have too much time on my hands. It's more commentary on commentary from the folks at the Wall Street Journal. It's still damn good. OK, brand me a geek, but every time I check out this site, there is always something interesting, irreverent, and nerdy. Strip away all the programming and operating system talk and you have one on the best sites on the web sites tracking technology. The book reviews are excellent.
Technology Overview. From the best brains at MIT, an interesting site devoted to info/bio/nano/technology. It's the kind of stuff that would make good bathroom reading.
WorldNetDaily. The daily journal of the vast right wing conspiracy.
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