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There's no real fun in pointing out the failings of others. Except, of course, when others go out of their way to screw up. Then, it's fair game.
Akinori Anno. I'll give you a prize if you can figure out the name of this site. Ah, where to begin? Normally, any sound on a site drives me crazy. However, something about this guy's plopping that sounds cool. The front page? I'm still trying to figure it out. Plus, it keeps on wanting to download the Japanese text support--though I suppose that's not his fault. Why would I gripe about all this stuff and still have this link? Well, because this guy is a very good photographer. His slide shows are worth watching. He's done some UW soft focus too. In my opinion, usually that only works on subjects with nice breasts, but he makes it work.
Brandon Cole. Want to see a terribly designed site with some great marine mammal photography, well check this out. Password protected links and all thumbnails with dead links ruin a chance to really showcase some excellent work.
Jim Cooluris Photography. Very nice, clean site design with great photography. Some nice diver/kelp, California cold water, and commercial marine shots. Too bad all the shot have a "JC" emblazoned across the them, "protecting" them from copyright thieves but also preventing anyone from appreciating the photo underneath. I understand the need to protect your work, but geez. Go to the "Contest Winners" gallery and see for yourself. Perhaps the worst scans of award winning photos I've ever seen. OK, call me ungrateful.
Lines and Shamelessly self-aggrandizing. He breaks every rule he holds sacred. It's a wonder this guy can sleep at night.
Marine Wildlife Photography. What would happen if you had a lot of really cool photos of sharks, rays, fish, many of them unusual, and decided to create a website that showcased them. Well, you would say good idea. How about going to the trouble of making that site, again to show off your photography, and then have all of your pictures display very small. What a waste of great photography.
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