Lines and Shadows
Albert Smuts. Ah, what better way to start other than to feature some smut. Very nice underwater art and fashion photography. Mr. Smuts offers up some nice nudes too! Some incredible shots. Check out the grouper.
Apex Predators. Some amazing great white shark shots. Kind of interesting that all of the photographs are above water. Some incredible sequences of GWs breaching with prey in mouth. Nice penguin shots too.
Aquagraphy. Curt Degler photographs chicks underwater in bikinis--I like it. No quite a good fit, but I'm exercising, ahem, broad discretion.
Bill Curtsinger. Some interesting UW shots, even mermaids. A couple great shark shots. Unfortunately, some of the links are incomplete.
Bob Kjellberg Photography. Nice photography. I remember Bob from way back to my days.
BG Wildlife Photographer of the Year (2000). Check out the underwater category.
The Bioluminescence Web Page. Probably everything you ever wanted to know about bioluminous organisms and more. Some nice photos too.
Blue Universe. Something about the wrecks section I really like. Some nice photography there, otherwise...
Bill Powers. A couple of nice shark shots, especially nice in-your-face hammerhead shot.
California's Marine Life. Joe Belanger has photographed about everything you'll see underwater in California (mostly Catalina Island) and he's done a good job of it. Nice photo descriptions and details too. I wonder what drysuit he uses.
Carl Roessler. A great photographer and although it has some photos, not really a photo site. A lot of information on where to find sharks and whales. The shark photos from around the world are worth a look if you want to know how to get a picture of your favorite predator. The world wide destinations guide is nice too.
Carlos Eyles. Some nice shark and dolphin shots.
Carlos Minguell. A first rate, great site. Incredible colors. There's a shot in the "miscellany" section of a diver I'm still trying to figure out.
Carlos Villoch. Carlos is also featured in the Fragile Ocean site below. His site is quite nice as he has a good eye for photography. A lot of shark photos. Carlos has taken a lot of photos and he seems to want to show you all of them. However, the wait is usually worth it. And yes, the sound is annoying.
Chris Newbert . Newbert's a great photographer, but his site is like watching a long infomercial. Just set it and forget it. I suppose everybody's got to make a living. Skip the commercial and go to the pics here.
The Clownfish Underwater Picture Gallery. No, don't be fooled by the name. There's more than clownfish here, though because of the clunky navigation, it's really hard to find that out. Wilhelm Bögershausen claims to have over 1500 photos on the site. I think it would take a lifetime to navigate through them one by one. OK, enough with the rant. The photos are actually pretty nice.
Corneli Helmut. A German site with some nice shots. The colors and critters sections are very good. Too bad the pictures are too small. The popup is annoying. Not a bad site. This guy actually gets it right on most counts.
Dagmar and Wolfgang Fritz. A German couple? probably with some very nice photography. Great eel, hammerhead, and other pelagic photographs.
Daniel McCulloch. Some nice dolphin pictures on a site mostly "coming soon".
Dave Read. Not a great photography site per se, but instead Dave has a fairly comprehensive discussion on underwater photo instruction.
David Doubilet. At least in my mind, a preeminent photographer. Unfortunately, his site is not designed that well (and my site is?). However, his photography is as good as it gets. His book, Light in the Sea, is excellent.
David Fleetham. Amazing site. Not a bad shot, well designed too. Great shark shots. Check out the shot of the anemone fish and the eggs.
David Hall. Very nice photos from all over the world. Gallery two especially nice. Small photos pop up in a small window--why?
Dive Deep. I've gone through this site a couple of times and still haven't quite figured it out. Maybe it's something to do with the Japanese obsession with miniaturization. It's maintained by a Japanese interested in rare fish and super macro fish photography. Check out his weekly gallery.
Ed Robinson. Some nice shots. A nice split shot of a saltwater croc and lacy scorpionfish.
Espen Rekdal. A Norwegian, Espen has some amazing UW photography on display here. Great wolf eel, squid, and fish portraits.
Ethan Gordon. Some nice shark photos among others.
Fragile Ocean. A couple of photographers are featured here with a lot of photographs, way too many. The editor must of fallen asleep. I recommend Carlos Viloch's shots. He has some shots with nice perspective as well as some good close-focus wide angle and model shots. Still, way too many photos.
Gary Felton. Excellent site with an amazing jellyfish shot that I can't figure out. Nice photos of Tahiti also. He really knows how to light a shot--check out the dry suit diver. Good stuff.
Graham Hancock. The international bestselling author and explorer has teamed up with UW photographer Santha Faiia to pull together a very interesting site. Check out her gallery of underwater ruins.

Guido Del Giudice. Not a bad site with a nice thumbnail page. The real value here is his underwater photographic equipment page that has tips and techniques, which contains information on over/under and extreme macro.

Haifische. Which directly translates into "shark fishes". You have to be patient with this one, but if you're interesting in sharks, it's a good site. Run the site through AltaVista's Babel fish translations and it'll translate the German to English. I know, I assume you don't know German.
Howard Hall. A hall of famer. What can you say about a guy who's taken some of the most famous underwater pictures ever. And like an old pro, he gets his site right too. Excellent photography and adventure stories. Well worth a look.
Howard Schatz. Some interesting fashion UW photography. His book, Pool Light, contains some of the best underwater photography that you're likely ever to see.
Ilkka Keskinen. I'll probably get slammed for this, but...Ilkka's on to something. I'm not quite sure what it is, but I like it. Some really interesting shots. But where are the nudes?
Jeff Foott Productions. Some decent marine mammal shots.
Jeff's Nudibranch Site. All things being equal, I hate nudibranchs. However, don't be fooled by this site's name, there's plenty other stuff here. There are several great crab and anemone shots..
Jim Kasson. Strange navigation, but nice photos. Some cool shots in Beqa Lagoon. His technical information link is excellent--nice job. Print it out and save it.
John Liddiard. A British site with some photography, even a shark section, but the real reason to visit are all the excellent articles. Information on drysuit diving, regulator servicing, wreck diving, safety
Kurt Amsler. Something's lost in the language, but none the less, nice gallery of photos, including white sharks in South Africa.
Laurent Beche. From France, Laurent has a nice site with poissons (fish) and ambiance (environment ) shots are pretty damn good. Too bad some of photos look like they were run through a ringer instead of a scanner. Hmm.....
Light and Dark. Another Japanese site with some decent photography. Check out the fish galleries. Marcelo Mammana shoots all B&W underwater and he does it quite well. Nice wreak shots. Great site design too.
Lines and Shadows. Jeff Dudas, a Texan who resides in California, has a brilliant idea: why not review all the UW photography sites in the world, cull out the lesser and present the best. I could say this is on par with genius, but you be the judge. Oh yeah, his photography, it's amazingly forgettable.
Luis Quinta. Slick looking Portuguese site with nice photography but clunky navigation.
Mariano Fiore. Close to a perfect design and with great photography. He's got a nice shot of a crab and clownfish.
Mark Gamba Photographs. A National Geographic photographer, Mark has some amazing shots wrapped around a great site.
Matt Weedon. A nice portfolio of shots, especially gallery 4. Some photo tips also. It's hit and miss but you can eventually find some nice photography. The shark section has a very nice silhouette (I'm a sucker for a nice silhouette) and a great whale shark and turtle shot. A couple of nice manta ray shots too.
Michel Scokaert. Nice layout with some good photography. His photo equipment and technique link has some excellent information on the "how to" of SLR camera UW photography.
Mike Johnson. Nice Zooplankton and Sun Fish. Navigation is weird.
Moving Colors. Very nice, sleek design once you get by the three page clunky intro. Nice Bunaken shots.
NCUPS.ORG. The Northern California Underwater Photographic Society. The only club that'll have me as a member. Actually, there is always some decent photography featured on the site.
Norbert Wu. Norbert has a nice site about diving in Antarctica. Probably the most interesting part is the Diving tab that gives you an idea of what it's like to dive under ice. Oh, yeah, there are some interesting shots along the way. I actually dove with Norbert at KBR--so I can vouch that he's also a nice guy. He probably wouldn't say the say thing about me.
Osamu Aoki. Beautiful photography and a nice clean layout. Well designed site.
Pascal Kobeh. A French site with excellent design and and over-engineered picture gallery. Still, nice pictures, including sharks, from Papua New Guinea and the Maldives. The sum is greater that parts. Some interesting shark information, photos, and the best video clips of sharks short of Jaws.
PERCULA. Maybe too slick by half, but still, there's some very nice shots from AsiaPac and elsewhere.
Peter Verhoog. A Dutch site with a couple nice photos, including some great white shark shots.
Phillip Colla Photography. One of the best sites I've seen--design and pictures are great. The sun fish shots are spectacular. If it's a marine mammal, he's got a shot of it.
Juergen Freund. Simply incredible photography. The whale shark hunter photos are like nothing I've ever seen. Nice harp seal shots too. Full of quality marine mammal shots. It goes on and on. Only complaint is that the photos are too small.
Photography in Malaysia. Michael Patrick Wong has an impressive portfolio of pictures cataloging Malaysia underwater. Unfortunately, he has only a handful on the web. His "Malaysia Beneath the Waves" page is nice overview on Malaysian divesites.
Pierfranco Dilenge. An Italian site with some good shots under "Panorami Sottomarini", "Pesci nel blu", and "Ritratti di pesci". My Italian is rusty so use Bable Fish below to translate.
Scott Tuason. Can't find much to recommend Image Quest 3-D other than Scott's photos, which are quite nice. It would be nice to view the photos by photographer but ImageQuest doesn't seem to think that would be useful. Some nice photography though the pictures are way too small. Too bad. The tips are very nice.
Sergio Sarta. An Italian photographer, who is said to have "won almost all the most important underwater photographic competitions in Italy and abroad" between 1989 and 1991, has some nice shots. Although the thumbs and even the pictures are too small, the photography is good. A Danish site with nice, clean shots. Gotta give this guy credit for diving in very cold water.
Skip's Underwater Image Gallery. Great site design. Skip, a New Zealand-based diver, has interesting narratives on Bunaken and the Three Kings islands. Both make good reading. The photography is top notch too.
Undersea Images. The Galapagos hammerhead shots are nice. Also a couple interesting shots deep sea and plankton shots under the explore tab. Too bad the site has a runtime error. Not a lot of photography per se, but the AsiaPac site reviews are nice.
Photo Gallery for Hong Kong Divers. Numerous UW photographers featured here and most are top notch.
Photoceania. Vasco Pinhol, based in Portugal, has a slick, well designed site and some excellent photography. Some interesting reading behind the links as well.
Viola's Photo Visions. Some good UW photography tips . The site has a couple of photos, but it's mostly business.
Visual Diving. Bertrand Chauvel is based out of Manado, North Sulewesi, Indonesia. Some excellent photography. He also pushes out a newsletter.
Vitto Lorusso. Everybody loves Vitto. It's easy to see why with the slick production values, great photography, but the navigation is iffy. Gimme, gimme thumbnails. The world would be a better place without the background breathing--if it doesn't add, it subtracts. The UW digital photography source. Lots of equipment reviews. The shape of things to come? Some really nice digital "photographs" too.
Windows in the Sea. San Diego based UW photography with some good text descriptions. Too bad the photos are small.
Zena Holloway. Really interesting, artistic photos. Thumbs way too small.
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