Lines and Shadows


Backscatter. Though I haven't done any business with these guys, everyone else on the West coast seems to have done so. OK terrible, long name, but a if you travel with dive equipment, it's worth checking out. A couple of tips also.
Camera Tech. Rumor is that Geoff at Camera Tech is about as good as they get when it comes to underwater camera repair and fabrications, at least according to Norbert Wu. Some interesting articles on UW photography too.

Unique Photo. Great prices, great service, even if it's in New Jersey. Based in Spain, DiveInn claims to be the biggest and cheapest online SCUBA store. The come recommended and they're one of the few places you can find Kowalski dive lights online. Another well run site. I ordered some booties online, size 15 mind you, and they arrived two days later.
Ebay. What the Internet was made for. Search on "scuba" or "nikonos" or try the UW photo equipment section and let it rip. Better yet, use the personal shopper to find it for you.
Helix Camera. Other than having a great store, their personnel have a wealth of underwater photography knowledge. Check out their UW forum.
Ikelite. Where would we be without Ikelite. Oh the memories of my first UW housing. Their digital meter is world class. They have a decent UW photography tips section too.
Marine Camera Distributors. Another great UW camera store. Very knowledgeable. Not a great site, but they're an official Nexus dealer. I used them to add some accessories to my housing and they did a bang up job.
Nexus USA. The best housing the in world. Well, maybe. I got a hell of a deal on mine from Borneo Divers in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Nikon USA. Not too interesting of an site but a good overview of products. Check out the Coolscan III (LS-30), which is probably the best slide scanner in the world, for the price.
Thompson Distributing. Throw away your duracells and pick up some Mahas. NiMH are way to go. No memory problems, fast recharging, long battery life.
Ultralight Control Systems. The best strobe arms in the business? Probably. That little O-ring on the ball joint makes all the difference in the world.
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